Meet The World's Largest Descent/Freespace Collection!

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Meet The World's Largest Descent/Freespace Collection!

Post by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:32 am

Hello everyone Smile

During my time away from here, I been collecting Descent & Freespace games mainly and miscx items that too are a part of them, even I began collecting these since the beta version of Descent 1 was released on october 24, 1994, since that day I was hooked to the series and I wanted every version of it and i mean every single one.

So after a good friend of mine on facebook passed me information of this new Descent, a game series I have been collecting the past 20+ years, I was really surprised!
This new Descent was named Descent Underground, this game is lead by Eric "Wingman" Peterson and some others from the Star Citizen Project that is now lead by Crhis Robberts.
Sometime later also Overload came by, Overload is made by the original Descent 1,2 3 & Freespace game series programmers.

Here the Descent Underground Project:

Here the Overload Project:

Here the original Topic of the Descent/Freespace Collection at Interplay Forums:

The reason for me being so surprised is that I have been collecting the original Descent & Freespace game series since October 24, 1994 and seeing a Descent 4 like idea pop up even being a prequel, well I am willing to support his project as well and I really really hope you lot will succeed.

So here my story and my Descent/Freespace collection, something most of the Descent & Freespace community people know about, I just want to give you lot my insights of the best game ever created by mankind.
After some years of collecting and being a Pyro Jockey for over 20 years all way back since it all began on October 21, 1994 when the first Descent Demo rolled out I was hooked immediately, and since then I waited for every part of the series to arrive but never thought about this collecting feeling which I started about 2 years ago and now it has turned into a Descent obsession some call it Obi's Descent Archive and others a museum heh.

Anyways name it what you all like here's some new pics and I want to thank a lot of you for helping get a few of these rare wanna haves.
I gave each album a new sub section so here's the collection 105 parts as I have counted them all yesterday after adding a Descent mission disc and a Spacetec IMC Cooperation Spaceorb 360 game controller .

As I registered to this forum a few days ago i thought I'd add a topic of the World's Largest Descent / Freespace Collection, the one I have collected and gathered the past 21+ years 8-)
What I did is divide it all in to sub groups, all the Product names speak for themselves, click it and you enter the sub gallery of that item .

Descent Series

Descent 2 Series

Descent 3 Series

Descent Combo Packs

Descent Linux Series

Descent Macintosh series

Descent Playstation Series

Descent Books

Descent Mini Posters

Descent Mouse Pads

Descent Misc Items:

Descent Freespace Series

Descent Freespace 2 Series

Descent Freespace Combo Packs

Descent Freespace Books

On October 21, 2010 this lovely set arrived from MasternX, a guy that has a contact with one of the cleaners that worked @ Interplay HQ back in 2003 to 2004, when it was being cleared after it shut down xD

So here's the parts in a one shot:

That frame hung in the Interplay HQ Office hallways, them CD-R's are host software of Descent 1 and 2, the one with the scratches is the Descent 1 Alpha disc, this is where it all began before it was going final, the one from 1996 is the host disk for Descent Anniversary Edition me thinks hence the date of the disk, unless some Interplay Employee's can help me out here!

This came to me all thanks to MasternX from this website:

This is probably one of the most rarest of all items I was given as a gift, after helping a friend Acquire a rare 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A2 2600 [Week 26 Year 2000] from an ex-3dfx engineer for a good deal, my 3dfx report can be read here @ EVGA Graphics to see my3dfx background, just for the ones that are questioned about this xD

Here a Pre-Production Sample of Descent3: Mercenary USA! This is the Pre-Release version which is Factory Sealed in the original factory cellophane + NOT FOR RESALE Decal under the seal on the box! A very rare sight :mrgreen:

Click to Enter!

Great and many thanks to a good friend of mine from Minnesota, USA he goes by the nick name of "rottentreats" he's from the 3dfx forums
This is certainly a gift of many words 8-)

Here all the four variants of Descent I and II The Definitive Collection all are Factory Sealed in their original cellophane! These items are from 1998, so it's been like this for the past 16 years... Very Happy

All four variants top view
Top left is EUR version without D3 Demo
Top right is USA Version with D3 Demo
Bottom left is Big Box USA version with D3Demo
Bottom right is Sleeved USA version without D3 Demo

All four variants rear view
Top left is EUR version without D3 Demo
Top right is USA Version with D3 Demo
Bottom left is Big Box USA version with D3Demo
Bottom right is Sleeved USA version without D3 Demo

Descent Freespace Battle Pack EUR & USA top

Descent Freespace Battle Pack EUR & USA rear

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Re: Meet The World's Largest Descent/Freespace Collection!

Post by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:22 am

And here the entire Collection 96 of 102 items, my floor was not large enough xDDD Very Happy
Even though I have 105 items hence the odd D1 Game expansion disc and the Spaceorb 360, these pics were made a while back, back on March 16, 2013 to be exact 8-)
But it will give you an exact idea on how large this collection is if all in one space Very Happy
New pics will be made again sometime when I get an other odd 20 new items or so xD

Top lot:

Centre lot:

Bottom lot:

Entire Lot:

The other items I forgot to take new pics of were these:

Self made Descent based Mouse pads:

Descent 2 Promo Mousepad, a Gift from D2X-XL Moderator Frustikus

Descent 2 & Freespace 2 Case Mod:

PyroGX from Descent 2 Release painted in 1996:

Hercules MK III, Vesudan Dreadnaught& Shivan Carrier from Freespace2 Painted in 1999:

Descent IV: Invasion RTF file of Floppy Disk:

Here's a video I made of that massive collection today after recounting it all Smile

The latest added items are the following:

Item 103
This ultra rare 1998 Descent: Freespace: The Great War Interplay Developer's T-Shirt


Item 104:
JukeBox Collection for Descent French D1 Mission Disc

Pic is from the seller, I will make a better documented photography of this odd item.

Item 105:
And the infamous Spacetec IMC Cooperation Spaceorb360 Game Controller! xDDD

Force n Torque Sensitivity
Patented SENSITIVE FORCE n TORQUE technology built into the SpaceOrb™️ 360 PowerSensor ball senses up all the pushes, pulls and twists that you apply among the axes and translates them into fluid and smooth movement in your game - with over 1,000 levels of speed!

Pretend its Your Head
Think of the PowerSensor as your head, and move the head in the way you want to move on-screen. To move forward, just push with your thumb on the back of the ball (or head), and youll move down the hallway. To move backward, pull from the front of the ball, and you'll go back. To look left or right or spin, twist the ball from side to side and you'll look or spin on screen.

This Interesting controller was especially designed for any 6DoF based game, the Descent and Forsaken series were famous of this 6DoF technique being used.

Powerful Digital Interface
Adding a true DIGITAL interface through a powerful serial port and how fast and how slow you move in your game depends on how much force you use on the PowerSensor ball. To move forward slowly, lightly push the ball forward. To move faster, increase the pressure until you reach top speed. The SpaceOrb is a 10-bit device allowing for over 1,000 levels of speed. With the Customizer, you can fine tune axis sensitivity exactly to your needs. You can even adjust the sensitivity of EACH AXIS with our new GameMaster software.

The Spacetec Space orb 360 is a real worthy item for the World's Largest Descent / Freespace collection, this way it will keep on growing and hereby I also increase our nice descent / Freespace Reference.

Spacetec Space Orb 360 Joy Pad Controller top:

Spacetec Space Orb 360 Joy Pad Controller rear:

Spacetec Space Orb 360 Joy Pad Controller Button Layout:

So now I need an Orb Shield with an Arduino Module and then I can use the Space Orb 360 in Win7Pro x64 + SP1 with new games.
Games like Descent Underground, Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition or Overload for example Smile

Here a cool video of how to use the Orb Shield & Arduino module:

Here an other handy site explaining the Orb Shield and the Arduino module:

This page shows other types of Spacemice made:

Item 106:
A good friend from the Sol Contingency Community made the 3D Printed model of the infamous Pyro-GX Starfighter, this wonderful piece was sent to me to respect the collection and archive I have been maintaining all those years:

Rear angled right view:

Facial view:

Rear view:

Belly view:

Here a pic I made to give you an idea of it's size, as I have compared it with Descent 2 EUR and the CD Case Smile

Anyways that is about it from my part alongside Descent & Freespace collecting I build Multcore Dual CPU based server/workstation system, I am 2CPU Hardware Moderator @ as Gold Leader.

If any help is of need to build the ultimate server feel free to join or ask me in person I will do my best to help you on such things as well Smile
Also I help

EVGA Graphics with certain PC Renovation projects, VGA card Maintenance guide and also creator and maker of the EVGA MODS RIGS +1 list for Chrome M Dragon and the EVGA Community it's self Smile

Before my Descent life i used to Beta test 3dfx Voodoo5 5000 &  6000 Class Engineering Samples for the 3dfx community I wrote a report of that which you can see here:

Anyways II can go on, but I think I will keep it to this for now and I really look forward how this project will unfold.

My favorite of all time is Dimensions for Descent Factory Sealed which is extremely rare it also has the original price tag on the box, even being this was a map disk of 75 D1 maps made by D1 fans across the world , there is also Levels of The World but that is something more common that this beauty.

Descent2 EUR

Descent II The Infinite Abyss


The Descent Macplay series are very cool too:

The Three different D3 USA's Mac/ PC / Linux

There are just so many I love, it's often hard to really choose just  one ^_^

Item 108:
Also I backed Descent Underground with a sweet 250 USD Pledge as Backer #3144! Smile

Well here's the latest addition Item 109

Descent II: The Infinite Edition USA 1997 Factory Sealed! Still new in Cellophane Shrink Wrap!



Side a:

Side b:

And where it is stored Smile

Meet Item No: 110!

Spacetec SpaceOrb 360 Mint in Box:

And the drivers &  manual are steal sealed Smile

Here the Spacetec Space Orb 360 from the front, this is also how I have stored it Smile

Here the Pyro-GX Art on the top flap of the Space Orb 360's box Smile

Side of box a:

Side of box b:

Box rear:

Box opened:

Space Orb Drivers, Software and Manual top:

Space Orb Drivers, Software and Manual rear:

Major thanks got to PyroJockey for finding me this ultra rare item Smile

Item 111 Smile
Overload by Revival Productions !

I pledged 50USD via Drakona with PayPal and she credit carded the money to their Kick Starter page Smile
Evenso I never got the game yet so I don't know what happened there...
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